god of wine

Dionysus, who was the God of wine, was the youngest God. His mother was a mortal and his father was Zeus. Hera made the mother of Dionysus, Semele, suspicious of Zeus. Semele then asked Zeus to prove he was a God. This cause Semele to die, and when she died Zeus saved her unborn son and sewed him underneath the skin of his own leg. When Dionysus was ready to be born he sprang forth as a God. Hermes brought Dionysus to a far away valley where he would be safe from Hera. He grew up along side tigers and leopards. One day as Dionysus was sleeping on a beach a pirate ship saw him and thought he was a prince. They carried him on their ship to hold him for ransom. When Dionysus woke up he tried to tell the pirates that he was a God, but they did not believe him. In a few minutes though, there were big wine vines all around the boat. The pirates got scared and threw themselves overboard. However, Dionysus was not an evil God so he turned the pirates into cute, little dolphins. This is why dolphins are the most human like animals in the ocean. Dionysus brought joy to mankind. This caused Zeus to give him a golden thrown on Olympus. There were only 12 thrones in the hall so Hestia said that Dionysus could have hers. After he was on the thrown Dionysus asked to see his mother again, Zeus let him go down to Hades and bring her to the glory of Olympus.